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Mouthguards and Bite Splints

These appliances are used for a variety of reasons. A major therapeutic use is to alleviate bruxism. Many people call this “TMJ,” although that is a different diagnosis. Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaws is called bruxism, and often it h… Read More

TMJ Treatment

Overview Many adults suffer from chronic facial pain. Some common symptoms include pain in or around the ear, tenderness of the jaw, clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth, or headaches and neck pain. Two joints and several jaw muscles mak… Read More

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Whether you call it bad breath or halitosis, it’s an unpleasant condition that’s cause for embarrassment. Some people with bad breath aren’t even aware there’s a problem. If you’re concerned about bad breath, Dr. Hanselman can help identify… Read More

Sensitive Teeth

Are Your Teeth Sensitive? Is a taste of ice cream or a sip of hot coffee sometimes a painful experience for you? Does brushing or flossing make you wince occasionally? If so, you may have a common problem called, “sensitive teeth.” What C… Read More

Root Canals

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged pulp (core) of a tooth is removed and the inside areas (the pulp chamber and root canals) are filled and sealed. Purpose Inflamed or infe… Read More

Peridontal Disease

Definition Periodontal diseases are a group of diseases that affect the tissues that support and anchor the teeth. Left untreated, periodontal disease results in the destruction of the gums, the part of the jaws where the teeth arise, and the outer l… Read More